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V.I.P. Service

Introducing your dedicated Marketing Commander

You know that great neighbor of yours who’s always willing to help when you can’t get your computer or entertainment system working? The one who’s always on top of the latest tech gadgets that you thought only kids cared about? Now imagine that great neighbor working with your team as your dedicated technology and marketing guide, and imagine how far you can go together.

Getting you onboard

If you want to tap into the power and efficiency of an automated marketing platform but hate the idea of setting it up yourself, no worries – your Marketing Commander can get you up and running quickly and painlessly by setting up user accounts and authorizations and customizing your command center to reflect your brand and business needs. And it doesn’t stop there –your Marketing Commander will be at the ready to help everyone in your network get up to speed with hands-on tutorials, online demonstrations, and other support.

Help when you need it

In a growing network where far-flung affiliates come and go, it can be challenging keeping everyone up to speed. No worries – your Marketing Commander also runs your virtual help desk, which anyone in your network can turn to for technical support. Whether they need answers to a quick question or a detailed walk-through of the Command Center’s functionality, they can be confident of help they can count on.

Custom solutions, across your network

Your team members’ markets are all different – give them the power to leverage their local knowledge while ensuring the integrity and consistency of your brand image. Your Marketing Commander can help by coordinating the design, production, and purchase of custom assets created just for their local markets. You stay in command of your brand – and your team members take command over their markets. Win–win.

Continuing education and support

Your Marketing Commander can also help build your revenue by keeping everyone up to speed on best practices for marketing and ensuring their awareness of all the great resources available to them in the Command Center. By regularly communicating with and engaging your team, your Marketing Commander will help you accelerate your campaigns by increasing team member buy-in and system use.