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It’s time for you to take command of your brand and your marketing. Luckily, you’ve got an ally – your digital command center is a powerful suite of user-friendly online tools that gives you the power to accelerate your proven marketing processes. With your command center, you can protect your brand integrity, keep an eye on your marketing numbers in real time, and store all your authorized assets on a central, online location for affiliates to download and order from their laptops. And don’t worry – you’ll also have the support of your Marketing Commander, a real person who’ll work with you and your team to answer questions and provide any help needed.

Improved Buy-In

A user-friendly marketing platform that adapts to your brand's needs, and increases partner adoption.

Your command center is so easy to use, many people won’t need help getting up to speed –but for those who’d like a hand, your Marketing Commander can help with demos, hands-on tutorials, and live and remote tech support. Your Marketing Commander will also communicate regularly with your team to build their awareness of how the command center’s tools can help them reach their customers and grow their revenue. They’ll be amazed at how much they can do!

D.A.M. Easy

Digital Asset Management (D.A.M.) made easy. Now you can house all of your assets in one central, convenient location.

Protecting the integrity of your brand across a wide network has never been easier. Make it simple and convenient to keep everyone in your network on the same page and make sure they’re using the right stuff, no matter where they may be located, just by logging in to your secure online command center. Anyone you authorize within your network can quickly find and order whatever they need for their local marketing needs, from T-shirts to digital logos. And because you and your marketing team decide what assets are available, you can be confident your marketing plans are being executed on target.

Brand Compliance

Get new assets and messages out fast while tracking costs and maintaining brand integrity. Now it's automated!

Take command over your brand’s image, no matter how big or spread-out your network may be. Your customized marketing command center can help you ensure the integrity of your brand and the proper deployment of branded assets by empowering anyone you authorize, anywhere in your network, to access and order approved marketing materials, which will then be delivered directly to them. And smart templates give them the freedom and autonomy to do what’s right for their local prospects while keeping them on-message.

Driving Sales

Real-time analytics and detailed reports give you a birds-eye view of how your branded campaigns are working.

How effective was your last marketing campaign? Now you have the power to answer that question in amazing detail with just a few easy keystrokes – from exactly what clicked (or didn’t click) with your customers to which of your campaigns got solid buy-in from your network. And no matter how big or spread out your network is, the answers to all your big questions will be there, so you’ll have the strategic knowledge you need for future campaigns.