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Know Your Numbers

How effective was your last marketing campaign? Now you have the power to answer that question in with just a few easy keystrokes – from exactly what clicked (or didn’t click) with your customers to which of your campaigns got solid buy-in from your network.

And no matter how big or spread out your network is, the answers to all your big questions will be there, so you’ll have the strategic knowledge you need for future campaigns.

Speed towards your marketing goals.

User-friendly tools can help you identify effective strategies to replicate in the future – or strategies to avoid.

Get local and global intelligence, all in one place.

Comprehensive data analysis tools enable you to track and filter your sales performance data by geographic region or demographic group, among other factors. This powerful information will give you the knowledge of where your campaigns are working – and where they may need extra attention.

Boost local accountability.

Your network members will also have the power to track marketing and sales performance in their own markets, thus building up accountability and market awareness on a local level.

See the big picture.

You have the strategic advantage of access to aggregated data from throughout your network, giving you a birds’ eye view of which of your markets are strongest and which are poised for additional growth.

Track and monitor online campaigns.

See up-to-the-minute data on sign-ups, opt-ins, or time spent on your web pages – all of which give you reliable, measurable data you can use to shape your future online marketing strategies with confidence.