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Experience the Power of Personalization

Small, personal touches make a huge difference in the business world. Make your brand stand out by keeping that personal touch alive in your direct-mail campaigns, no matter how big your brand has gotten.

Fast and easy to use.

All you have to do to power up your direct mail operation is go to an easy-to-navigate portal and select the defining criteria for your mailing lists (such as geographical area, industry, or job title), and filtered lists from your CRM database will be instantly generated for you – giving you lists with only current, relevant contacts.

Get the right list, anywhere.

No matter how big or spread out your network is, reaching out to prospects with messages tailored just to them is fast and efficient –no more time-consuming stress of compiling customized mailing lists or having one of your IT people spend hours putting together an addressing program for you.

The right message to the right people.

If you have customized copy targeted to specific groups within a mass mailing, you can be sure it will get to all the right people and none of the wrong people – just use simple pull-down menus to select the defining criteria for your recipients, and mailings will automatically be populated with the appropriate copy and addressed to the right contacts.

Imagine the power of always being able to reach the right prospects with high-impact, personalized messages with just a few clicks of a mouse – no specialized programming knowledge or training needed. Then think of everything you can do next.