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Co-Op Funds Management

Give Everyone Individual Attention – Automatically

Your brand and business are unique, and so are the needs and individual performance of your team members. Power up performance and engagement in your marketing campaigns with automatic financial incentives for great work – no special fiddling on your part, just set up how you want your incentives to work and go. Build loyalty and boost morale and productivity by scheduling automatic payments and billing at times appropriate for different segments of your network – it’s faster and easier than you think. Turbocharge your processes with automation designed to adapt to you and your organization – not the other way around.

What You See Is What You Get

Get everyone in your network on board with your campaigns by making participation easy and free of guesswork. Just by logging into a central portal, users anywhere in your network will be able to see immediately how much marketing funding is available (as well as how much they owe, if anything).

Imagine how much more buy-in and active engagement you’ll get from your network– and how much more impact your campaigns can have – if no one ever has to worry about marketing campaigns ending in a time-wasting paper chase. It’s co-op marketing the way it’s meant to be.

Real-Time Numbers

Move towards your marketing goals with confidence that your numbers are right – no matter how much has been going on in your network lately. Build trust within your network by allowing users to see real-time credits and debits – all transactions are automatically reconciled in your accounting. Profit from up-to-the moment information to track spending trends across your network and see how each segment of your network is performing.

  • Users see real-time credits and debits
  • All transactions are automatically reconciled
  • Accountability across your network – team members all know where they stand
  • Up-to-the moment data you can track and use