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Automated Campaigns


Build your brand and motivate your team to stay up to date with your latest marketing campaigns by making your branded marketing materials easy and quick to access and use across your network, anywhere within your network.

To get started, simply upload your branded materials to a central portal and watch what happens:

  • Your team members will have instant access to anything they need, and the power and the convenience of being able to get what they need, in the quantities they need, when they need it
  • No costly, time-wasting down time for special technical training required
  • Orders are shipped right to their door or inbox, saving them time and money
  • Automation encourages broader campaign participation

Power up the effectiveness of your campaigns

Customizable branded materials give your team the ability to create authorized materials specifically suited to their local or specialized marketing needs.

Give your team members even more market reach

Give them access not only to printed assets, but to branded resources across a wide range of platforms, such as local and regional contact lists and materials for direct mail, e-mail, and web campaigns. Empower them to reach out to targeted, local customer groups with fresh, relevant messages, all without the hassle and guesswork of putting together a marketing campaign themselves or looking for local marketing support.

Track and evaluate performance

And after the campaign’s done, you have the strategic advantage of being able to track how your team members’ performance to better establish goals for next time – see who was engaged and active and who was not, and what materials have been deployed.

List Management

Think mass mailing has to mean endless unwieldy and inaccurate contact lists and hours of wasted time updating and cleansing them? Or inevitable wasted money on materials on mailings to the wrong people or addresses? Think again – list management just got a whole lot better. Just think of how much further your marketing dollars will go when you can do all this:

Fire up your network.

Give everyone in your network a hassle-free way to identify, locate, and reach the exact people in their areas who need to see your message, no matter where they are in your network. And with all the time they’ll save, they’ll have more time to do their own jobs even better.

Get everyone on board quickly.

To get started, all they have to do is sign in to an online portal to get instant, easy access to reliable, up-to-date contact information for all the relevant leads in their markets. They’ll be able to search the easy-to-use database by locale, industry, or other factors to identify exactly the right contacts for their local campaigns.

Know what your customers are doing.

You and your team will know not just your contacts’ names and titles but who they are – integrated contact profiles including social media and other links will help them better understand how to best impact their prospects. They can also use these tools to create their own opt-in lists for local social media campaigns.

Everyone in your network will love not only for how easy it can be to generate new leads, but also the convenience of tools to help build stronger relationships with existing customers.

Mail Tracking

You’ve designed a great direct-mail campaign, targeted exactly which versions of your letter will go to which segments of your customer base, and watched the letters sealed and sent off for delivery. Or perhaps you’ve just shipped the latest model of your product to a group of new customers. Now what?

With a customized Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) on all your outgoing mail, you’ll know, and you’ll save yourself the stress of wondering – because you’ll have instant answers to all of these vexing questions:

Where is that letter or package?

Once the USPS scans the IMP, you’ll be able to track your mailings and see where they are – even before they reach their destination.

How fast is it moving, and when will it get there?

Don’t wait until customers complain about late shipments or outdated mailings to find out if there’s a problem. Now you can see in real-time where in your network your mail is moving faster or more slowly than expected and track delivery times so you can better plan your future shipping schedules or direct-mail campaigns.

How quickly will people respond to my campaign?

You can also monitor how soon after delivery your prospects will respond with any follow-up mailings, such as requests for further information – and if you used more than one version of a marketing letter, you can even track which one got you the most responses. This powerful knowledge will enable you to proactively schedule and plan follow-up contact with your prospects – and better plan for your future success.