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If you’re looking for a marketing platform created by people who really get marketing and fulfillment, look no further. MarCommand is not only the first and original online marketing and fulfillment platform, it’s the only one designed by marketing services professionals.

Launched in 1999 – long before most businesses had even imagined online ordering – MarCommand was created by the JKG Group, a company with a proud 30-year history in large-scale printing and marketing services. Back then, MarCommand was developed to make life easier – and fulfillment faster – for the JKG Group’s franchise and multi-location customers, who needed to place frequent orders for stationery and other printed materials and needed those orders turned around fast. Thus, MarCommand was born – revolutionizing the marketing world and accelerating the ordering and fulfillment process by shifting it from the time-constrained domains of phone and snail-mail to the new, anytime domain of the internet.

Today, MarCommand has evolved into a full-service marketing platform customized to fit the exact needs of any business and to give you the end-to-end support you need for all your marketing campaigns. As marketers ourselves, we know how fast the marketing landscape changes, so MarCommand continues to adapt and grow to meet these new demands – and yours. Now, you and your network partners can access not only printed assets online, but customizable e-mail templates and branded social media tools – and much, much more. Here are just a few ways MarCommand can accelerate your brand’s growth:

  • Stress-free brand consistency across your network
  • Easy, secure online access to all your brand’s marketing needs, anywhere in the world, anytime
  • Easy for busy network partners to learn and use – so you get fast buy-in and a short learning curve
  • Less marketing work for your network partners so they can spend more time growing – no more lost time guessing what assets to use, where to get them, or when to use them
  • Consistently high-quality assets everywhere in your network – everything is custom made and quality checked in house. No subcontractors, no surprises
  • Real-time accounting info, so everyone in your network knows exactly what they’ve spent and what they’re owed

Of course, you’ll also get the support and accountability of real people. With MarCommand, you’ll have by your side trained professionals ready to help anytime you need it, with everything from tech support and regular upgrades to marketing advice to help you get the most from your tools. Experience MarCommand – and watch your brand grow.