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Our Education Clients
Why choose MarCommand ?
Have technical questions or want your outreach to make an even bigger impact? Your Marketing Commander is a dedicated professional who works beside you to provide tech support, training, and marketing strategies designed for the special challenges of educators.
Every asset ordered, from brochures to banners, is manufactured and quality-checked in house, so you get consistently great products every time, no matter where the order originates. No third-party vendors, no surprises.
Finally, you have complete control over your school’s brand and image. Just upload your authorized materials to your digital command center for team members to order or download at will – so you’ll know they’ve got the right stuff.
Engaging recruits and alumni is a snap with MarCommand’s automated tools –with just a few mouse clicks, you can search for targeted groups of students or alumni and create customized and personalized e-mail, direct mail, or social media content just for them.
MarCommand makes it easy to create and track different, customized marketing budgets for different departments or campuses in your institution. Save time and slash paperwork while keeping your spending in check.
What's In It For You?
  • Easy to Use

    An intuitive user interface makes MarCommand fast and easy for busy people to learn – so they’ll start experiencing great results in a flash.

  • Branding, Simplified

    Imagine life without worries about your school’s brand and public image. By giving your team instant access to authorized branded assets, you know they’ll always be on-message.

  • D.A.M. Easy

    Digital Asset Management makes it simple for any authorized person, in any of your departments or campuses, to order and pay for authorized branded material online.

  • Reliable Feedback

    Know instantly how your outreach efforts are going. Digital tools let you see in real time if they’ve read your e-mail, received your mailings, or responded to any of your messaging.

MarCommand Core Features
Imagine getting everything you need to build your brand – from identifying prospects to reaching them with high-impact assets – from a single source.
Imagine no more – and watch your brand grow.
Flexible budgeting tools make it easy to create and track customized budgets for different departments or campuses.
Automatic Campaigns
Communicate a strong, consistent image with marketing tools that ensure everyone on your team is spreading the same message.
Digital Asset Management
Make it easy and convenient for everyone on your team to access current, authorized branded assets – just by logging on to a secure website.
CRM Integration
Find specific groups and launch e-mail and direct-mail campaigns customized just for them, all with just a few mouse clicks.