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Why choose MarCommand ?
Need help setting up your command center or want to accelerate your marketing efforts even more? Your Marketing Commander is a dedicated professional who works beside you to provide tech support, training, and marketing advice customized to the needs of your team and your brand.
Every asset ordered, no matter where in your network, is produced and quality-checked in house – no third-party vendors, no surprises.
Upload your authorized assets to your digital command center for team members to order or download at will – so you’ll know they’re using the right stuff.
Automated tools in your digital command center make it a snap to identify and contact your best prospects, and to create customized e-mail, direct mail, and social media content just for them.
Secure tools in your command center give team members real-time details on what they’ve spent and what they’re owed – and give you a bird’s eye view of your network’s marketing performance.
What's In It For You?
  • Improved Buy-In

    Experience a user-friendly marketing platform that adapts to your brand's needs, and increases partner adoption.

  • D.A.M. Easy

    Digital Asset Management (D.A.M.) made easy. Now you can house all of your assets in one central, convenient location.

  • Brand Compliance

    Get new assets and messages out fast while tracking costs and maintaining brand integrity. Now it's automated!

  • Driving Sales

    Real-time analytics and detailed reports give you a birds-eye view of how your branded campaigns are working.

MarCommand Core Features
Imagine getting everything you need to build your brand – from identifying prospects to reaching them with high-impact assets – from a single source.
Imagine no more – and watch your brand grow.
Co-Op Funds
Power up performance and engagement in your marketing campaigns with automatic financial incentives for great work.
Automated Campaigns
Build your brand and motivate your team to stay up to date with your latest marketing campaigns.
Imagine the power of always being able to reach the right prospects with high-impact, personalized messages.
VIP Service
Tap into the power and efficiency of an automated marketing platform and get up and running quickly and painlessly.
Digital Asset Management
Make it simple and convenient to keep everyone in your network on the same page and make sure they’re using the right stuff.
CRM Integration
Keeping up with corporate brand and regulatory compliance no longer entails running circles around a cacophony of confusion.
Print On Demand
Make sure everyone gets printed materials with the confidence of knowing everyone’s getting high-quality authorized materials.
Analytics & Reporting
How effective was your last marketing campaign? Now you have the power to answer that question in gory detail with just a few easy keystrokes.